Welcome to the Department of Biostatistics' webpage

The department of Biostatistics was founded in 1982. Among the main activities of the Department we can mention undergraduate biostatistics and computer science courses for the students of Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacology and School of Health Technology, School of Home Economics, School of Child Development and Education and School of Nursing. Our department has also master and doctoral programs in Biostatistics.

Upon completion of undergraduate education and receiving BS degree in related disciplines, students may apply for MSc and PhD degrees in Biostatistics. Up to now 52 students received MSc and 52 received doctoral degrees. The requirements and information about post graduate programs are given in detail in the "education" section.

Besides educational activities there are a number of ongoing researches and projects and many have been completed by the staff of the department.

Our department also provides biostatistics and clinical experiment design courses at different levels according to the needs of different hospitals and health institutions.

Among many other activities, statistical consultancy accounts for a great deal of daily work in the department. Researchers not only from our university but also from many other universities and other health institutions apply for statistical consultancy and the number of such researchers is steadily increasing and has reached a thousand during 2005.