Welcome to the Department of Biostatistics' webpage
Mission and Vision
Our mission is:

To help carrying Turkish Medical Literature to the highest standards both quantitatively and qualitatively by improving the validity and reliability of medical researches,

To help medical students conceive biostatistical methods, without memorizing, in such a way that they will be able to design clinical or epidemiological research; carry out basic statistical tests and interpret the results; read, understand and criticize medical literature,

To teach prospective medical doctors, medical and other health related researchers equipped with advanced biostatistical knowledge who can compete in international arena,

To teach highly qualified post graduate students competitive with those of well known universities,

To make contribution for the design, conduct, analysis and reporting of medical researches without departing from ethical and scientific facts and to educate people with this goal.

Our vision is:

To become a leading Biostatistics Department with the educational and research activities in the highest standards,

By incorporating the research activities in our faculty, to contribute our faculty to be the leading in Turkey and one of the leading in the international arena,

To maintain the leadership position of our department as a reference center in biostatistics and medical researches in Turkey.